7 Tips for a Healthy, Hygienic, Clean Workplace

On average, keyboards, mouse, and telephones harbor about 10 million bacteria, 400 times more than a toilet seat. And this is just the tip of the bacteria iceberg in the office. How can you ensure a healthy, hygienic, clean workplace? We’ve compiled a list for you!

The Ugly Truth

On the outside, your office may look clean.

In fact, germs can lurk anywhere. Invisible disease spreaders can easily turn your workplace into a “dangerous” and unhealthy environment.

A healthy, hygienic, clean workplace can only be achieved when proper cleaning is done regularly.

1) Clean Your Computer Keyboard and Screen Daily With a Special Cleaner or Cleaning Wipe

This is a two-minute task at most. Do this regularly, such as every morning when you arrive at work and before you go home at night.

This is especially important if you regularly work at a desk and eat sandwiches and other dry foods.

If you are busy at the keyboard: take your phone right away. For example, spray it with an all-purpose cleaner to clean it.

Once a month, set aside time to clean the keys with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.

Of course, don’t forget your desk. Wipe it down daily with a wet cloth dipped in dishwashing detergent or all-purpose cleaner for both mood and health benefits.

The smartest thing to do at the end of the day is to do it so you can start work the next morning with a clean desk.

2) Stock up on Cleaning Essentials and Always Have Enough on Hand

These are the basic items you can’t be without in your office.

– Broom (and broom bag)
– Broom and mop
– Garbage bag
– Cleaning cloths
– Bucket, sponge, dishwashing brush
– Dishwashing detergent, dishwasher tablets if you have one, various cleaning products such as multi-purpose cleaner, vinegar, toilet cleaner, etc. (by the way, glass cleaner is always good to have on hand).

Also, cleaning supplies should be placed in a designated area, and if everyone makes sure to return them to the same place, they will not get lost. And appoint a person responsible for stocks.

3) Empty Your Office Trash Cans Daily

Tip: Having your own trash can at your desk is very helpful.

Also, don’t forget the kitchen and throw out your trash daily. This will help prevent unpleasant odors and the presence of small four-legged or multi-legged occupants in the kitchen or office.

4) Vacuum the Kitchen and Eating Areas Daily

This will prevent insects and rodents from becoming a nuisance in your office.

And remember to vacuum behind and under furniture once or twice a week! These areas are prone to dust nests.

Don’t forget the office chair. You can’t imagine how much lint and dust accumulates here every day.

Office Cleaning Supplies Checklist - Cleaning Company Springfield Missouri

5) Clean The Refrigerator

This is especially needed if several co-workers store food here. Check for all expired items during your monthly cleaning and throw them away.

You might want to write your name on the items you keep in the refrigerator so that someone doesn’t “accidentally” eat your goodies (one of the biggest office pet peeves, by the way).

6) Make It a Habit to Always Take Dirty Dishes (Including Guests’ Coffee Cups) Back to the Kitchen and Put Them in the Dishwasher

If there is no dishwasher, agree to wash used dishes immediately (e.g., after each meal), dry them, and place them in the cupboard. This will prevent piles of dirty plates, cups, and cutlery from forming on the counter.

7) Take Care of the Plants in Your Office

Water them regularly (a jug once a week is often sufficient) and sweep up fallen leaves.

Let us know if these few tips have helped in the comments below!

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