4 Best Tips For January Decluttering


Happy New Year, everyone, or should I say happy declutter month. After December, there is a lot of mess around the house after the celebrations. It’s time for you to put away the Christmas decorations, the tree and everything that is not in its place.

Why Is Decluttering Important?

Personally, decluttering has always been some kind of challenge that always gives a sense of accomplishment. On top of that, decluttering is very good for self-care; it provides a clearer vision, which adds to a clearer mind.

Some think that decluttering is not very important, but it has a lot to do with psychology.

Tip 1; Declutter Once Or Declutter every day

Declutter Once Or Declutter every day
Declutter Once Or Declutter every day

There is a different kind of decluttering- you can every put some daily goals to achieve throughout the month or choose one unique day and do everything that day. Do not let the cleaning maniacs think there is a sole and rigid way to declutter; however, you need to get the job done.

I prefer to have a specific goal each because it is easier; I won’t end up feeling tired and sitting in my clutter, postponing it for later.

Tip 2; Meaning Of Things Change

You must evaluate your objects from time to time because they will become cluttered if you don’t. For example, many of us have an emotional connection to our childhood toys, but you have to let go one day or another because all it is doing is a mess. Something that was once valuable for you may mean nothing now, and it is normal.

I suggest you categorize things into; toss, donate, relocate or keep. You will toss everything that cannot be used; things that can be used but you won’t, you will donate; things that you will only use occasionally belong inside a box in the basement you will relocate, and things you will need almost every day keep.

Now we get to papers. There are a lot of papers in our houses; very important things and some others that are less important. You will want to classify each one by year or by topic (assurance paper, house).

Repair, Old, Globus, Mess, School

After this step, you will find yourself with a lot of paper to throw away. You will want to store all your papers in a safe place. You can shred them if you have a shredder at home or some libraries have a shredder that the public can use.

Tip 3: Switch Clutter

If there is a room with many books, magazines, and paper, it doesn’t mean that everything there is clutter. You can keep one or two things that you have an emotional attachment to, but it doesn’t have to be 15 teddy bears with a closet full of baby clothes. Some of them need to be relocated or, as mentioned earlier, donated.

Tip 4: Clutter Is Never Ending

It is not to get you discouraged, but it is nearly impossible to have a clutter-free home. This is why you have to get rid of clutter at least once a month or establish a monthly goal of decluttering. It can happen for a maximum of a month, but you will soon get back to stocking up things, and it is completely normal.

You can read our other articles about deep cleaning or quick cleaning. Keep in mind that there is no proper way of cleaning; you only need to find what sits right with you, because I won’t lie, cleaning can get pretty boring, so finding something that fits you will allow you to keep going. Let us know in the comments what you think about monthly decluttering…

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