Top 5 Criteria For Choosing A Window Cleaning Company


The windows in your home or business reflect an image that is often the first thing others see. To get professional service, it’s important to use proven criteria. Making sure you work with a professional window cleaning company will save you a lot of trouble down the road. It is important not to rely on appearances alone.

Choosing a window cleaning company involves some research. Most professionals like Cancore Building Services Ltd have identified 5 criteria to consider when making a final decision carefully. As you’ll see, it’s not enough to offer a flawless job to customers. The mission of a window cleaning company is much more complex.

1. The window cleaning company is registered and operating legally


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find that many window cleaners operate illegally. However, this is the first warning sign of a service that could cause headaches. Indeed, a window cleaning business that is not registered with the authorities should alert you to the fact that there is some danger.

Encouraging a worker not to pay taxes is not ethical in itself. But closer to your reality, the problem arises when it’s time to claim from insurance. If the window cleaning business is uninsured- a reality that strikes all those who are not officially registered- the associated nightmare in the event of a breakage or problem will be exacerbated.

2. The window cleaning company employs qualified professionals

It is easy to improvise yourself as a window cleaner, but who is really qualified to perform this major task? As mentioned above, your windows reflect an image that you do not want to leave in inexperienced hands. For the same reason you wouldn’t let a stranger be your stylist, choosing a window cleaning company also means doing your homework about who will be doing the work.

Don’t hesitate to read about the company and ask questions. Do the employees have any special training in window cleaning? What is their collective experience in this area? What have they done in the past? This will help you make an informed choice.

3. The window cleaning company has an excellent reputation


Collective recognition has always been a convincing factor in distinguishing serious companies from those that fade away like a flash in the pan. This is especially true on search engines such as Google. An excellent way to find the best window cleaning company is to type in its name and read reviews about it.

In the case of Cancore Building Services Ltd, the overall rating is set at 5 stars. This perfection was established thanks to meticulous and professional work carried out according to the desires of the customers. The exemplary reputation also confirms that the service is appreciated by the public at its true value. For the consumer, such transparency strengthens the bond of trust with the window cleaning company. After all, entrusting such an important task deserves nothing less than perfection.

4. The window cleaning company shows it is serious with its web presence

Another way to distinguish an extraordinary window cleaning company from a less serious one is the effort devoted to its web presence. This virtual storefront, just like your own windows, should showcase a service you can’t live without. The ease with which you land on the company’s official website is a big part of the equation. Once on the site, ask yourself if the information is presented carefully. Is it easy to find? Are the articles relevant to my questions? Can I make a quote without hassle? Is the site secure?

Cancore Building Services Ltd has created a complete and easy-to-navigate site for its distinguished clientele. The Web is not limited to one site; social networks are another important factor to consider. If a service provider is not active on Facebook, for example, it gives you a good indication of their seriousness. Cancore Building Services Ltd ensures prompt communication on all its channels because it has the satisfaction of its customers at heart.

5. The window cleaning company demonstrates impeccable listening skills


Along the same lines as the web presence, one should not forget that service providers want impeccable work done according to the rules of the art. This also means that a window cleaning company must demonstrate a certain flexibility. In the case of Cancore Building Services Ltd, we have added payment methods to better adapt to the realities of our customers. This is why we now offer credit card payment (at no extra cost) in addition to payment by check, online transfer or cash (receipt required).

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With over 35 years of experience in the cleaning and service industry, trust Cancore Building Services Ltd’s team of professionals for all your Caulking and cleaning needs. They use the best machines/equipment and cleaning detergent out there because cleanliness is king for them, and they believe that you deserve only the best. Contact them now because your business is like your second home and needs to be taken care of, and trust them as they are one of the leading cleaning firms in the greater Toronto area.

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