Why Should You Use Organic Cleaning Products?

Organic food, responsibly produced clothing, and energy-efficient living are all in the spotlight. The demand for responsible products can also be found in the cleaning sector, especially in the area of environmentally friendly detergents.

Recently, eco-friendly and organic cleaning products have exploded in recent years. Small manufacturers and major professional brands such as are focusing on new eco-labeled product lines. In addition, there are mainly plant-based detergents and 100% biodegradable. Not only are environmentally friendly products on supermarket shelves, but web stores are being integrated more and more. But why?

Why Organic Detergents?

Of course, it is not in vain that environmentally friendly detergents are in such high demand. There are several reasons why many people request that we use only environmentally friendly detergents.

1)  Environmentally Friendly (Production Process)

Ecological detergents are products with low environmental impact regarding raw materials, energy, water, hazardous substances, packaging materials, and waste in the production process. Therefore, ecological cleaners are produced more responsibly. If you or your company want to act responsibly, you can make it known by using organic cleaners. Also, the bottles and cans look friendlier because they are not filled with cautionary or deterrent text. And this is directly related to the following points

2) Safety (No Toxic Substances)

Ecological or organic cleaners contain no or few chemicals at all. This makes the process safer and less harmful to health. There is no need to routinely use aggressive or vaporizing chemicals that are harmful to the skin, eyes, or respiratory system. Therefore, organic cleaners are a viable option if you want to work safely.

3) Savings (Purchases and Energy Equivalent)

Not only is less energy consumed in the production process, but there are also cost savings for the user. Most biological detergents are concentrated and more effective in cold water than in hot water. This saves on hot water as well as purchase costs.

4) Harmless To Pets

Dogs and cats find water containers very attractive. If you use cleaning products and have pets, you must control everything during the cleaning process. With organic or ecological cleaning products, you don’t have to.

5) No Permanent Stains on Clothes or Fabrics

Just spray chlorine on clothes once, and it will turn into a bitter white stain. This is not the case with organic products, and these stains are easily removed with a bit of water when using organic cleaning agents.

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Synthetic Cleaning Agents To Avoid

Bleach and Ammonia

These cleaners individually produce highly acutely toxic vapors to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs and should not be used by people with asthma or lung problems. When these products are used together, toxic fumes are produced.

Plungers, Oven Cleaners, and Toilet Cleaners

These are the most aggressive cleaners. The ingredients in these cleaners can burn the skin and eyes.

Antibacterial Products

Ingredients used in these soaps to kill bacteria may promote superbug outbreaks.

Artificial Perfume Cleaners

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has determined that one-third of the substances used in the perfume industry are toxic. Still, because the formulas used in these perfumes are trade secrets, companies are not required to disclose the ingredients used in their presentations. This is also true for air fresheners.

People must become more aware of the harmful effects of cleaning products. We hope this article will help you all find ways to clean in an environmentally friendly way. Together we can create a sustainable future, but it starts with yourself!

Which organic cleaning products do you use and why? Share it with us in the comments below!

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