Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture

Sometimes cleaning is necessary to keep wooden furniture in the best condition. Since wood is a living material and sometimes very fragile, it is wise to be well prepared for this task. These tips will help guide you along the way.

Know the Type of Wood

One type of wood is not another. This is reflected in the color, grain structure, and resistance of the wood. For example, many types of wood are water-sensitive or cannot resist specific cleaning agents.

Just because certain woods are more delicate than others does not mean it cannot be used. For example, beech and oak furniture are sensitive to water, but if you soak a sponge in water, wring it out well, and then dry it again, it should be fine. Teak and mahogany are highly moisture-resistant, but that does not mean they can be easily cleaned with a sponge soaked in water. Regardless of the type of wood, cleaning should always be done carefully.

It can be challenging to determine which wood your furniture is made of, or you may suspect that different types of wood have been used. Sometimes, the particles are barely discernible, so consulting an expert is a good idea. It is also helpful to find out what period your furniture was made. This can be a practical handle, as each period has its trends in wood.

Cleaning Treated Wood

Wooden furniture is often treated with oil or lacquer. This prevents damage caused by water or dirt. Despite this protective coating, different types of wood react differently. For instance, oakwood does not like water, no matter how oiled or varnished the table is. Keep this in mind when cleaning.

Cleaning Teak Wood

Teak benches are often placed outdoors, and rain, snow, and UV rays can damage the surface skin. You can prevent this by doing the following twice a year.

Start by protecting the surface to be worked on with an old sheet or similar material. This is because oil and cleaning agents that fall on stone and wood surfaces can cause unsightly circles and stains.

Teak benches should be cleaned with a mixture of soda and water. Then rinse the sofa well to remove any soda residue. Use about 250 grams of soda per bucket of warm water.

Then wash the teak sofa with warm water and a mild detergent such as an all-purpose cleaner or dish soap. Make sure the entire surface is covered. This will remove the old oil (from the surface layer of the wood) from the teak bench. The sofa/bench can then be lightly sanded and cleaned with new oil, stain, or wax.

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Cleaning Oak and Mango Wood

These woods are easy to care for and handle, although in different ways.

Teak furniture is used indoors and outdoors, as is oak and mango furniture. If your wood furniture is indoor, an occasional wash with warm water is sufficient.

For outdoor oak or mango wood furniture, soapy water with lukewarm water and a mild detergent is best. Soda can also be used, depending on the degree of soiling.

Caution with soda: Oak and mango wood are softer than teak, so results may vary when cleaning with soda. Therefore, always try it in an inconspicuous area first.

Sticky Wood?

Wood can become a little sticky over time. This is due to the coating applied. Unfortunately, this can no longer be helped by furniture cleaning. In this case, the only option is to sand and repaint.

Protect With Wax

Of course, this is not necessary, but after cleaning, the furniture can be protected with a coat of wax. The best type of wax depends on the type of wood. Waxing is usually done with a brush, but the bristles should not be too thick to avoid scratches.

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How do you clean your wood furniture? Let us know in the comments below!

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