Rodent Control: What Steps Can Be Taken To Avoid The Intervention Of A Pest Control Company?


The most familiar rodents, such as rats and mice, are a real nuisance. The situation is often sad between groceries and old documents, infrastructures, and electrical cables. It is, therefore, necessary to prevent them from entering our homes or, if necessary, to eliminate them. In this article, you will find preventive measures as well as natural means to fight these rodents from your home.

The means of prevention



“Prevention is better than cure”, says the famous saying. Indeed, it is better not to be visited by these small rodents, mischievous, very dynamic, and very prolific. The following measures are designed to prevent infestation of your home without calling in a pest control team.

Hygiene and cleanliness 

Keeping your house or apartment clean and tidy is a good old-fashioned way to reduce or even avoid the presence of rats. These animals love places where they can hide, easily find food, and breed. Therefore, regular tidying of storage areas is necessary.

To keep mice out of your home, you must also take care of your garbage cans, breeding grounds for pests. Garbage cans must be airtight and placed on supports about 35 cm from the ground. It is also important to remember that these small rodents are looking for food. So, emptying food scraps and keeping food storage areas well-closed are also actions that keep rats and mice away.

Barricade the house

Our little friends are very mischievous and easily sneak into the smallest nooks and crannies of the house, their objective being to find a nest and food. All opportunistic openings that appear in the structure of the apartment or house must be closed. For this purpose, it will be necessary to plug all the holes in the walls, in the baseboards, as well as the gaps under the doors. Opting for “anti-rodent” grills in stainless steel, iron, or copper wool would be a good idea for ventilation openings.

Means of extermination


When, in spite of prevention, these little brats manage to infiltrate the house, there is no need to resort to intensive pest control. Here are a few natural techniques to get rid of mice that have proven to be effective.

Essential oils and spices

Essential oils are, apart from their therapeutic virtues, very effective against rodents and other pests. Indeed, the latter is sensitive to the essences of certain plants such as bay leaves, mint, sage, etc. These plants are therefore excellent repellents. They can be used in a natural way by placing the leaves in strategic places.

But they can also be used in their essential oil form with diffusers, filled with liquid oils mixed with spices such as black pepper. However, it is necessary to have a perfect mastery of their use. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to consult natural de-raters such as.

The ultrasound machine and live mouse traps

The ultrasonic machine is a device that is inaudible and harmless to humans but very effective against rodents. It emits ultrasounds that are very unpleasant for them and make them run away. But it turns out that our little friends adapt after a while to these sounds and can return. As for traps, they are designed to catch them without killing them, such as the mouse traps you can find in stores.



A pet (cat, hawk, owl, natural predator of mice) is a suitable old-fashioned method of keeping rodents away and eliminating them. However, it is necessary to take care of these animals by giving them regular vaccinations. Finally, other tricks such as snake droppings, and aluminum foil, allow fighting against rodent pests.

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