How to Descale Toilets

How to Descale Toilets
How to Descale Toilets



 – Toilet descaling: more or less critical depending on the region

 – A radical solution for descaling toilets

 – Descaling toilets: less harmful products

 – Septic tanks: a more delicate descaling of toilets…


Toilet maintenance involves cleaning and descaling toilets. It is necessary to know how to intervene on clogged toilets or toilet leaks when it is urgent. Unless you are a DIY enthusiast, you will need to get in touch with cleaning professionals near you. That said, let’s delay no further on how to descale toilets. 

 Descaling toilets: more or less critical depending on the region

 Depending on the region, the distributed water can be very hard.

 This is a recurring problem that is amplified by poor toilet maintenance.

 As a result, toilets scale up, and the lime deposits on the bottom of the bowl, leaving unsightly green or yellow marks that we would gladly do without…

 A radical solution for toilet descaling

 A powerful chemical agent can get rid of your limescale marks: hydrochloric acid.

 Be careful; its use presents risks and requires specific precautions:

 – Equip yourself with gloves, a mask, and clothing that is safe to wear,

 – Pour the acid very gently into the bowl to avoid splashing.

 The only drawback, and not the least, is that this product is not at all ecological!

 Descaling WC: less harmful products

There are many household products on the market to fight against limescale. Manufacturers compete to convince users: gels, liquids, sprays …

 Their action on the traces of limescale is very variable.

 Here is the list of the most used products:


Descaling toilets: effective products



White vinegar


– Remove as much water as possible from the bowl,
– pour the vinegar and let it work overnight,
– To make it more effective, heat it beforehand (but do not boil it, as the acetic acid it contains would lose its properties),
– Repeat the operation a second time, if necessary.

Bicarbonate soda


You can mix baking soda with vinegar to increase its effectiveness.



Effective, but for regular use and not for old cases.

Lemon juice, Coca-Cola

Very good

– Always remove as much water as possible from the bowl with a cup,
– pour in the juice of several lemons or a whole bottle of Coca-Cola and let it work…

 Good to know: If you move into an old apartment and at the bottom of the toilet bowl, you find a brownish crust; scraping with a round-tipped knife will allow you to remove this plaque typically without much effort.

 Septic tanks: a more delicate descaling of toilets…

 It is impossible to use any acid for septic tanks, as this could seriously threaten the functioning of your tank unless you empty the bowl once the product has acted (without letting it go back into the tank).

 A possible solution: rub the bowl with claystone, a purely ecological product.


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