Garage Clean-Up: 4 Things to Get Rid of Now

Garage Clean-Up: 4 Things to Get Rid of Now

When you think of cluttered spaces in your home, bedroom closets, entryways and basements can often come to your mind. However, don’t forget the garage. Today, a garage is more than just a convenient place to park your vehicle. It’s a kind of garden shed for tools, a storage locker for old pieces of furniture or even a mechanic’s shop.

I’m sure if you open up your garage doors, you’d end up staring at stacks of clutter, dirt and debris that have accumulated for a while.

On top of that, when homeowners plan renovations and additions to their homes, commonly used spaces like bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms are often considered while garages are commonly overlooked.

This explains why statistics say that around 25 % of homeowners are embarrassed to even open their garage doors.

However, if you are ready to take some significant garage cleanup action, here are some things you should consider getting rid of.

#1. Old Sports and Fitness Equipment

Old Sports and Fitness Equipment

From teenagers to thirty-year-olds, fitness is now a craze, where people yearn to shape and pamper their bodies – especially if you’ve seen a lot of late night infomercials hawking the latest fitness trends that can “magically” make you look young, healthy and happy.

Not that I’m saying that this fad is a bad thing, but once your enthusiasm is down and the craze has faded, all the fitness equipment you’ve bought – a weightlifting bench, an exercise bike or a treadmill – will end up sitting unused in your garage, eventually taking a considerable space where a vehicle could be parked in.

If your health kick is gone, I say it’s time to get rid of these old sports equipment. You could either donate or sell them (if they are still functional). And, if it’s too difficult to move these heavy and bulky items, I suggest getting the help of Ronco Mini Bins/Skip Hire.

#2. Old Children’s Toys

 Old Children’s Toys

Yes, they say kids can learn a lot from tools of play. However, when you are a minimalist parent who’s trying to knock your house into shape again and your kid is a hoarder, there’s no other way than waging war against those huge piles of junk, which are also known as “toys.”

Purging your kids’ old toys that ended up lingering in your garage is the best thing to do. If the toys are in good condition, you can donate them to a charity. But if they are no longer usable, I recommend throwing them.

#3. Old Appliances

Old Appliances

Homeowners often believe that keeping old home appliances is a type of recycling. Pal, you are only fooling yourself.

True, you might not be clogging up landfills, but keeping your old stuff in your garage doesn’t come close to a green and sustainable choice either.

Whether it’s a small appliance like an old coffee maker that’s been used only once or a washing machine that desperately needs repairs, dumping them in the garage is a common solution adopted by most homeowners.

But, if you are in full-on garage cleanup mode, here’s your unique opportunity to get rid of these old appliances.

#4. Old Bundles of Newspapers and Magazines

Old Bundles of Newspapers and Magazines

Yes, we’ve heard how our throwaway culture has made a huge hole in the earth’s natural resources. However, locking old and even sometimes unread newspapers and magazines for years in the garage is not recommended either.

In addition, they must be dirty, dusty and yellowed (with the exposure to moisture), leaving a huge mess in your garage.

While you are at it, I strongly suggest giving them away if you know you are never going to read them.

Decluttering your garage on your own is one thing but extensive professional garage cleanup is an entirely different thing. If you want the dedicated team at Ronco Mini Bins/Skip Hire to take the hassle out of your garage, call them today to schedule an appointment.





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