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As one of the essential elements of a building, the roof should not be neglected, especially its maintenance. You can contact a professional or take care of the task yourself. In any case, you must choose the right product to clean the roof to avoid its deterioration. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for cleaning your roof.

The properties of the roof cleaning product to choose


To clean the roof, choose the right products to use. First of all, they must have a fast and long-lasting action, i.e., they must eliminate lichens and fungi for good. Their action must also be long-term.

Before choosing a roof maintenance product, its composition should also be taken into account. Choose those that are easy to apply or ready to use. You won’t need to dilute the product before using it. Also, ensure that the substance’s texture is neither too gentle nor too harsh on your roof.

Each roof cleaning product has its application method. Just follow the recommendations in the instructions. You should also make sure that the product you have selected is safe to use. However, it is mandatory to wear glasses and gloves to limit the risk of illness.

To avoid damaging your roof, also make sure that the product is suitable for your type of roof: zinc, tile, slate, etc. Otherwise, it may damage it. Otherwise, it may damage it.

What is a roof moss remover?

Anti-moss roofing is a weed killer that can prevent the appearance of fungi and/or lichens on your roof for several years. These elements, if they develop, can damage your roof in the long run, resulting in water infiltration and progressive rotting of the roof. This is even more true for tile roofs, which are more prone to this problem. You can apply these products yourself. However, it is advisable to call in a professional who will be better able to judge the necessary treatment according to the condition of your roof.

In the rest of this comparison, you can learn more about the anti-moss roofing product. You will also be able to discover the best products of the year according to customer reviews and tests.

The different types of cleaning products to use

There are many products that can be used for roof cleaning. Here are the most common ones.

No-rinse defoamer


No-rinse defoamers are the most effective for cleaning a roof because they are easy to apply and biodegradable. Because of their long drying time, up to two months, they should be applied during dry and warm seasons.

Fast-acting anti-foam products

To obtain effective results in the short term, choose fast-acting anti-foam products to clean the roof. They perfectly eliminate fungus, lichen, moss, and other traces of dirt. This type of product requires rinsing.

Concentrated and solvent-based anti-foam products

Concentrated and solvent-based anti-foam products are the most commonly used for cleaning a roof. They are ready to use. You need a sprayer to apply it. Compared to the previous product, this one does not require rinsing. However, for it to be effective, leave it on until the rain falls.

Roof cleaning products to avoid


Certain products, such as chlorine, should be avoided when it comes to roof cleaning. It is a substance that promotes the formation of moss and causes the porosity of the tiles. Bleach also has the same effect on all types of roofs. In addition, this liquid causes a leak in the tile and causes freezing during the winter.

To avoid thinking about these different details, the best is to contact a company specialized in roof maintenance. It can intervene in private homes, commercial premises, and any type of building. It can also take care of roof repair work.

The company also takes a hand in the installation and repair of skylights, inspection, and repair of roofs. You can entrust it with the choice of equipment to benefit from a good structure.

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