Debunking popular cleaning hacks


We spend most of our time our the internet, be it for work or entertainment purposes. Because of this, we came across several hacks, some seem real, and some seem too far-fetched to even be true. However, many of these circulate around and become some popular online that they are taken as fact. This is also the case for cleaning, a lot of hacks are put daily online, and a lot of it is just clickbaity. Come along with us to debunk some of the most popular internet myth hacks.

#Hack 1- Cleaning is the same as disinfecting


Because of the current pandemic, now more than ever, we should know the difference between the two. According to health experts, cleaning is the process of removing visible dust, stain or dirt from any surface by washing, scrubbing or even mopping it with hot water, soap, and vinegar. While disinfecting implies killing viruses and germs that lurk on the surface with disinfectant. So, no, they aren’t the same, so cleaning alone doesn’t imply disinfecting something. Especially, today with the haven’t of Covid-19, you need to make sure that you are disinfecting everything with disinfectants that have at least 70% alcohol.

#Hack 2- Using newspapers to wipe your window gets ride of streaks


This one is a pretty old hack because even my grandma thinks it’s true because she uses this to clean her windows to this day, even though I’ve told her it doesn’t work. I guess old habits die hard, but this hack is entirely unfounded. This hack is supposed to get rid of any streaks in your window while you’re cleaning, but you can no longer achieve this because modern newspapers are too thin. Granted, this might have worked when my grandma was still young, but with time, the structural integrity of newspapers has changed, and they disintegrate too quickly and become more of a hassle than a hack. This outdated hack will leave gunk on your windows, and the black ink will stain your hands.

#Hack 3- Clean your window on a cloudy day.


Okay, I was pretty skeptical about this at first, but I did some research, and I tried it out myself and believed it or not, but it works. I know it sounds weird, but the logic behind this is genius; cleaning your windows on a sunny day can make them dry too quickly, and this might leave streaks behind. To get the perfect streakless windows of your dream, then you have to wash and wipe them when there is no direct sunlight hitting them. This can turn any gloomy day into the perfect day for all the cleaning fanatics out there.

#Hack 4- Coke can clean your toilet.


Well, I was a bit iffy about this one, but apparently, it works. Like most of you, I first came across this hack on Facebook, and like everything with Facebook, I tend to take everything I see there with a grain of salt. So, we decided to test this one out too, and yes, it did actually work. If you want to take the scientific route, it cleans the toilet and discoloration because of the high level of acid found in coke. So, the acid slowly but surely eats away at the gunk and cleans it out thoroughly. However, you have to let the coke sit in the toilet for hours to see any result, but in a pinch, it does the work, and it’s not that expensive compared to other cleaning detergents. However, there are better cleaning agents out there that will do the same job in less time. While this hack works, we don’t recommend it because of the sheer amount of time it takes to work. Enjoy your chill glass of coca-cola and leave the cleaning job to disinfecting spray and bleach.

Sound off in the comment section below and tell us if you are as shocked as us by some of these hacks.

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