3 Tips To Remove Yellow Sweat Stains From Clothes

Although it is better not to have it, yellowing of clothes after sweating from work or sports is sometimes unavoidable. This is primarily a common problem with white shirts and dress shirts. However, with these miracle remedies, getting rid of these sweat stains is very easy.

The Science of White and Yellow Sweat Stains on Shirts

First, let’s look at why yellow sweat stains appear on shirts and dress shirts and their relationship to sweat. Not much. We often refer to sweat stains because most of them are caused by the use of deodorant.

The reason deodorant causes stains is because most deodorants contain aluminum. The aluminum reacts with sweat (sweat is actually a protein) and causes yellow or yellowish-white stains.

Besides, you should know that the material of most shirts, cotton, is itself a protein. In other words, aluminum in deodorants reacts not only with sweat, but also with the cotton itself.

Now, back to best practices for removing white and yellow stains.

Baking soda and lemon are used repeatedly in many cleaning procedures. And even then, these products are indispensable. The method is very simple, but it depends on the product.

1) Baking Soda

Mix baking soda in a ratio of 3:1 water, make a paste, and rub it into the stain; let it sit for about 2 hours, then rub it with a small amount of laundry detergent if necessary. Then put it in the washing machine with the other laundry, and the stain will most likely be removed.

2) Lemon Juice

The lemon method is a little different but just as easy. Mix one cup of lemon juice with your regular detergent and put it in the washing machine. Set your normal washing program (white), and your clothes will be white again. For yellow stains, you can scrub them with lemon juice before putting them in the washing machine or soak them overnight in a bucket with half a glass of warm water and lemon juice.

3) Bleach

Yellow armpit stains can be removed with bleach by preparing soapy water and soaking the garment in it. Then wash in a washing machine according to the machine’s laundry instructions.

Important: This method is only suitable for sweat stains on white clothes Bleaching colored, or dark-colored garments are not recommended as it will permanently ruin them.

Note: Bleach is bad for your skin and the environment. Don’t use the “more is better” approach. A splash of bathtub water is more than enough to remove stains from clothes.

Wear cleaning gloves when putting your hands in soapy water. This will prevent your skin from coming in contact with the bleach. Also, watch out for splashes so that you don’t stain the clothes you are wearing with bleach.

How to Bleach Clothes - Remove Stains With Bleach | Cleanipedia UK

Can Yellow Sweat Stains Be Prevented?

There are some tips that can make sweat stains less noticeable or prevent them altogether.

Tip 1: Use an Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Because aluminum reacts with sweat, yellow stains can be very stubborn and noticeable. You are already preventing part of the problem by using an aluminum-free deodorant.

Tip 2: Protect Your Best Clothes With an Under Top

This is something many people do. Whenever you wear a dressy blouse, always wear a short-sleeved cotton shirt underneath. That way, the sweat, and deodorant get on that cheap shirt instead of the nice, expensive clothes.

Tip 3: Don’t Wait For Too Long To Wash

This tip is twofold: don’t wear it for more than a day, and wash it as soon as possible after you wear it. Fresh yellow underarm stains are much easier to remove than old sweat stains.

Tip 4: Do Not Put Sweat Stained Clothing in the Dryer

Do you notice sweat stains on your underarms or back only after washing? Don’t put them in the dryer; hang them on a clothesline. A tumbler dryer will also solve the stains.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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