10+ Hacks From Different Countries to Help You Keep Your House Clean

10+ Hacks From Different Countries to Help You Keep Your House Clean

Each country has its own cleaning culture and there are many differences between these cultures. So, here are some cleaning hacks from different cleaning to help you keep a neat and clean house.

South Korea

South KoreaOfficially known as the Republic of Korea (ROK), South Korea is a country found in East Asia. The “Land of the Morning Calm” is not only famous for its vibrant culture, the influential entertainment industry (including K-Pop and K-dramas), remarkable landscapes and cuisine, but it is also known for maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Despite being a massive city packed with residents and tourists, the country somehow manages to keep its streets, market places and public places like hospitals, post offices and bus stations perfectly clean. Surprisingly, the same level of cleanliness can be found in many houses.

There are many examples that show how Koreans maintain clean and neat houses, but here are 3 typical examples:

  • In South Korea, a lot of importance is given to removing shoes when entering a house. The origins of this habit can be traced back to traditional Korean dwellings which had heated floors. At that time, you had to take your shoes off to appreciate and enjoy the warmth. However, today the no-shoes-inside-the-house rule is used to keep the floors cleaner.
  • Bathrooms are the perfect places for bacteria to grow. Since moisture is constantly present, it provides a suitable environment for bacteria to reproduce and thrive. Bathroom cleanliness is therefore very important if you want to keep bacteria, viruses and other pathogens away. However, instead of cleaning the toilet, the sink, the bathtub and the walls of the bathroom individually, South Koreans prefer cleaning and washing the entire bathroom at once. They take out all the bathrobes, towels, shampoos and soaps at once and wash all the surfaces with water.
  • While cleaning the bathroom, South Koreans always like to wear special slippers with holes in the soles.

The Netherlands

The NetherlandsInformally known as Holland, The Netherlands is a small nation sandwiched between Belgium and Germany in Western Europe. As one of the most visited countries in Europe, the country is known for having a great economy, great healthcare and a great education system. Little is known, however, about how much the Dutch love cleanliness.

  • The citizens’ love for tidiness is reinforced by always keeping their bedsheets fresh. This is why on, nearly every morning, you can see pillows, pillowcases and bedsheets sticking out of the houses in the country.
  • When cleaning and washing windows, they use a bucket of warm water, some vinegar and a special window-cleaning mop. It is important to note that window cleaning is carried out several times a month.


ItalyItaly is one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries in the world and it seems to be everyone’s favorite travel destination. Every city in the country is different and people love its food, wines, architecture, history, language and landscapes and beaches. Fine cuisine, fashion and romantic scenery are things that made Italy famous. But, did you know that Italians also love organizing and cleaning their homes?

  • The Italians can easily compete with the Dutch in how much they love to clean their bathrooms. For instance, after a member has taken a shower, some would wash the bathtub and the sink. While cleaning the bathroom, they try not to leave drops of water, which consequently decreases the probability of any build-up.
  • Right after every meal, Italians would sweep the floor under the table and instead of a vacuum cleaner, they would use a sweeper.
  • In the morning, it is a common habit to open the windows once they wake up. This would ventilate the house. In addition, some would put their bedsheets outside to keep them fresh and clean.





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