7 Ways to Limit Body Odor

7 Ways to Limit Body Odor

7 Ways to Limit Body Odor

Heat, public transportation, or stress put your body to the test: it sweats. And that’s natural! But sometimes, it’s hard to mask that body odor away from your shower in hostile terrain. Here’s a little anti-odor survival kit!

1. Impeccable personal hygiene

Body odor is triggered by the proliferation of bacteria and the secretion of sweat by the apocrine glands located in :

    – underarms;

    – the anus;

    – nipples;

    – navel.

Thus, one of the first conditions remains to maintain good life hygiene.

    – Shower every morning, after sport, and at night if needed.

    – Wash your hands before eating and whenever you feel like it.

    – Wax or shave your armpits frequently (hair keeps odors in).

    – Regularly disinfect sensitive areas (armpits, feet, face, hands) with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol (70% alcohol).

2. Essential oils smell good naturally

Plants sometimes come to the rescue of unfortunate odors. Indeed, essential oils are invaluable to:

    – eliminate the bacteria responsible for the bad smells;

    – prevent perspiration;

    – absorb moisture due to sweat secretion.

In ointment, they are applied to the zones in question. As a spray, they are sprayed on shoes and sheets.

Good to know: peppermint remains the most effective in removing bad odors.

3. Avoid tight-fitting clothes!

7 Ways to Limit Body Odor

When the body sweats, clothes should never stick to the skin. This accelerates sweating, the diffusion of odors, and the formation of stains.

Wearing loose-fitting clothing:

    – Promotes air circulation;

    – minimizes sweating;

    – eliminates odor;

    – Prevents the formation of stains.

Good to know: in summer, certain materials are preferable. Cloth, linen, and natural cotton clothes do not stick to the skin. On the other hand, skinny jeans and leggings are relegated to the closet until cooler days.

In addition, most clothing made of synthetic fibers, such as nylon or lycra, prevents the skin from breathing and therefore traps odors. Conversely, a garment made of natural fibers (cotton or bamboo) allows:

    – allow the skin to breathe;

    – limit perspiration.

4. Find a draught 

Sunlight has the immediate effect of increasing body temperature. It then causes the body to sweat and, therefore, bad smells. But sometimes, in a confined space, the lack of air gradually increases the temperature.

By finding a draught, you can avoid the “hammam” effect!

Otherwise, in case of unavoidable exposure to the sun:

    – Refresh your face regularly and drink plenty of fluids.

    – Avoid wearing long sleeves and dark fabrics.

5. Talc: your anti-perspiration ally!

Sweat is the formation of moisture on the skin of the feet, armpits, and hands. This moisture then favors the appearance of bacteria responsible for bad odors.

Talc is a mineral with multiple properties. Rich in magnesium, it is soft and absorbs moisture: an economical and natural solution!

6. How to prevent sweat in shoes?

    – Place activated charcoal, talcum powder, or baking soda in your shoes to prevent moisture from appearing.

    – Choose shoes with breathable and airy fabrics (avoid leather in summer, for example).

    – Apply an essential oil to your foot.

    – Take a warm water bath flavored with sage or bay leaf.

7. Controlling stress

Like the sun, stress causes your body temperature to soar. If stress is to blame for your sweating, there are simple things you can do to solve the problem.

Stress busters:

    – Learn to control your emotions through coaching.

    – Practice yoga.

    – Do deep breathing exercises.

By preventing bacteria, protecting yourself from the sun, and controlling your stress, you can limit your sweating and get rid of the bad odors that poison your life!

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