7 Household Items You Never Thought Should Be Replaced Regularly

We are all concerned about food expiration dates, but did you know that household items also have expiration dates? Prevent illness and improve home hygiene by replacing these household items as soon as possible!

1) Kitchen Sponges

Sponges, like scrubbing brushes, are household items you will encounter in many places in your home, including the kitchen. Many people don’t realize that old kitchen sponges often spread dirt more often than remove it. Used sponges are a source of bacteria. Do you use a wire brush or kitchen sponge every day? Then it’s a good idea to change it every week!

Kitchen sponges should be thrown away every week, as they accumulate large amounts of pathogenic microorganisms that are resistant to antibiotics from the first day of use.

It is also recommended to disinfect the sponge before use by boiling or microwaving it for 2 minutes and washing it in a solution of 9 small cups of water and 1 small cup of bleach.

2) Cutting Boards

It is well known that cutting boards need to be washed often for hygienic reasons. However, many people do not know that cutting boards need to be replaced on a somewhat regular basis. Whether it is a wooden or plastic cutting board, it won’t stay germ-free over time. If deep knife marks are visible on the cutting board, it is wise to replace the cutting board even sooner.

3) Plastic Containers

Do you have those beautiful Tupperware containers in your cupboard? They have an expiration date! Once scratched or damaged, they become attractive receptacles for bacteria. Therefore, it is unwise to continue using such food containers for sanitary reasons. Plastic containers have a use-by date of 3 months.

Tip: Stainless steel storage jars are a bit more expensive, but they last longer and protect the environment.

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4) Toothbrushes

All toothbrushes have a shelf life of three months. Brushing twice daily consumes, transforms, and accumulates 10 million microorganisms, including unhealthy ones.

This personal hygiene product should be washed regularly with warm soapy water. After contracting the flu or a cold, toothbrushes should be disposed of immediately without waiting for their expiration date to prevent re-infection.

5) Pillows

Even though pillowcases are changed regularly, it is recommended that pillows be washed or cleaned at high temperatures every six months. They attract sebum, skin dirt, sweat, dust, dust mites, bed bugs, and allergies, which can cause skin irritation. Also, cushions should be replaced every two to three years as they wear out and lose their shape.

6) House Slippers

Everyone has a favorite pair of slippers that they stick to for years. Sweat and moisture can cause bacteria to grow and even lead to fungal infections. If possible, we recommend washing them regularly.

The shelf life of home shoes is 6 months.

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7) Bath towels

Bath towels and sponges are a breeding ground for the spread of dangerous bacteria, so these personal hygiene products should be dried daily, washed once a week, and not used on the face and private parts of the body, especially after shaving.

It is recommended that towels and sponges made of chemical fibers be changed once every two months and natural fibers once a month.

It is human nature to get used to one’s surroundings. However, some of them can be detrimental to your health quickly, so you should not skimp on such daily necessities and replace them with new ones when the time is right.

Were you aware that these items need to be changed regularly? Let us know in the comments below!

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